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Teather hall

Skilfully restored, both in the pictorial details of the vault and in the nineteenth-century coloured wooden choir, the theatre can accommodate up to 98 spectators.

Normally used for the shows, it can host seminars, meetings, lessons.


The seats of the parterre are arranged in two sectors with a maximum of 13 seats per row, four rows. The sectors are separated each other by a cross-passage. The stage got an area of about 46,50 square meters, with a slope of 7%. It is provided with wings, backdrop and not accessible flies (height 7,48 MTS), its maximum internal width is 7,48 MTS and depth is 6,06 MTS. The proscenium has an opening of 5,00 MTS and height of 3,86 MTS. The orchestra pit is not available, the sub-stage is accessible but it is not equipped with trapdoor . The theatre is provided with a power load of 3kw x 24 circuits ADB.


Please contact Teatro Magnolfi in the answering service time (from Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm) to check on the schedule if space is available. Then it is necessary to fill in

the application for space and the project/event form and send both of them by e-mail to: info@magnolfinuovo.it

The secretary's office will forward the forms to the Culture Department of Prato City Council to get the authorisation and confirm whether the space can be rented or not. Later a contract will be drawn up and an invoice will be issued.


350,00 Euro plus VAT

The rate is including :

-Use of theatre for the whole day, ticket collector service, one person technical assistance during the show and assembling of lighting and audio equipment, being at disposal.

-Advertisement of the event on Magnolfi Nuovo's website and on the playbill of Prato City's public network, subject to notice within and no later than 20 days before the event itself.

The rate is not including :

Ticket office service, rental of equipment not included in the theatre list, moving of piano on the stage and anything else explicitly not mentioned above.

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Via Gobetti 79 - 59100 Prato (PO) Italy

Tel: 0574 44 29 06 - fax: 0574 27 311

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